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What to Wear for Family Portraits?
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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive for family portrait sessions is what to wear! Let's face it, it can be hard enough picking out your own outfit to be photographed in yet alone coordinating a whole family's wardrobe to look cohesive! Below are some tips and considerations to help you find the perfect outfits for your family members!

  1. Coordinate Colors - Don't Match  
    Long gone are the days of everyone in matching white t-shirts and khaki pants. Instead, choose 3-4 colors and dress everyone in clothes that fit your selected color theme.  
  2. Go for Confidence
    More so then worrying if a look will be "timeless," I advise clients to go with what they feel good in! Even if it happens to be the latest fashion trend, looking back on the photos what you will remember are the feelings your look evoked! If you love what you're wearing it will show in the photos! I knew for our family photos that I wanted to wear something that made me feel fabulous- that just so happened to be a rose gold sequin maxi skirt from Saved by the Dress!  My future grandkids may find this incredibly tacky in 25 some years but I can tell them Grandma felt like a rockstar !! 
  3. Say No to Logos / Characters
    Your little one may love his/her Paw Patrol shirt but characters / logos can be easily distracting on photos, similar to busy patterns! 
  4. Dress for the Same Climate
    Pay attention to ensure you're all in similar weather-esque clothing! For example, don't dress one person in shorts and sandals and another family member in long pants and a bulky sweater- Minnesota's weather can be unpredictable but let's have our photos show that we're all in the same state here !
  5. Consider the Use
    Do you intend to hang these photographs up in your home? If so, try choosing a color scheme that compliments the colors of your home. Are the purpose of your photographs for Holiday cards- consider going with a traditional color scheme of red, white and green!

In the past I've always gotten stressed out coordinating outfits for our family photos and for the first time I went in with a game-plan and am so happy with the results! We chose a color-scheme of Navy, Ivory and Gold. A huge thanks to the very talented Crystal Blackledge for capturing these! 

For more family portrait outfit inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here!


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